Kelly Ann (Mom of 1-month-old)

As a first time mom, I was completely clueless and full of anxiety when I took my newborn home. My daughter had day/night confusion and wanted to sleep all day. I got horrible advice from friends and the internet saying "keep her up all day! that will help her sleep at night." Wrong! Patricia told me sleep begets sleep, which is 100% correct. She helped me realize my daughter needed several long naps thought the day and helped me handle night feedings to differentiate between day time feedings.

After just a week, my baby started sleeping longer stretches. After a couple more weeks, my baby got easier and easier to put down. I am now able to put her down calm and completely away and I can walk away knowing she will be asleep in just a few minutes.

My daughter started sleeping 11-12 hours a night by 10 weeks! I still cannot believe it. She is a happier, well-rested baby during the day. I am SO grateful for Patricia's help!

Patricia DeAngelis