Jordan F. (Mom of 8-month-old)

I am in awe of the difference Patricia’s guidance has brought into our lives! Where do I start? Jaden is our beautiful boy who is mellow in every sense of the word until it came to sleeping at night. I was up 6-7 times a night. He relied on nursing to calm him and put him back down. I tried rocking him & singing to him... which would work occasionally but rarely would he stay asleep when I put him back down (if he did he would rarely stay asleep for more then 30mins/ 1 hour). We began cosleeping so I could at least lay down while feeding him. My exhaustion and anxiety grew. Not to mention, he was going to sleep until 9:30/10. With Patricia’s help…we were able to get Jaden to go down at 6:30 and, within only a few nights, sleep through the entire night! He now soothes himself if he does wake up during the night too! Patricia was such a great coach & is the absolute sweetest! She genuinely cares about the wellbeing of you, your baby and your family! I feel sane again, and as an added bonus, my boyfriend and I have our evenings to ourselves again! Best decision we’ve ever made, hands down.

Patricia DeAngelis