Victoria A. (Mom of 5-month-old)

“We had a great experience with Patricia helping our then 5-month-old transition to consistently solid 12-13 hour nights, with no pacifier or any other sleep prop. He was still being swaddled which became very dangerous and frustrating as he would break out and find himself awake as a result.
He’s been a superb night sleeper ever since. More than the simple teachings of sleep training, Patricia gave us the confidence to keep going when it got particularly tough, to believe in the system, and to know she was a text away if we had questions. It was a challenging couple weeks, but Patricia’s availability for those emotionally exhausting moments and her money back guarantee kept the faith in us that this would work.
We honestly can’t find diapers that contain his pee because he’s asleep for so long (no, not even overnight diapers). I think that’s a pretty strong mark of success! While we are still working on naps and have our good days and bad days, overall this was well worth the investment, and I’d highly recommend it!”