Krissy C. (Mom of 2-month-old)

“My husband and I are so thankful for Patricia and her help in getting our 16 weeks old (we started with Patricia when he was 9 weeks) on a schedule and giving us our lives back. Our Welly has always been a decent night sleeper, but his long sleep usually started around midnight and was creeping closer to 1 am every day so we were really starting to get worried and just had no clue what to do. Everyone kept telling us that babies will sleep when they sleep, but that is so wrong and we quickly saw that our little man can go to sleep at a reasonable hour and stay asleep all night. The main thing Patricia gave us was the confidence and knowledge to keep our little dude on a healthy sleep schedule no matter where we are and he now has amazing sleep skills and we couldn’t be in a better place as parents! It’s an amazing feeling to be able to make plans and have time to unwind because we know what time the baby will be asleep for the night! It’s also invaluable to have someone who can analyze your individual baby because Wells was really a unique case and the online classes were just a total joke to us, we knew a one size fits all approach wasn’t right for him!”