SleepGrace Testimonials

My baby was sleeping maybe 2-3 hours at a time, heavily relying on his pacifier/swaddle for sleep, and I was up multiple times a night doing the drowsy pacifier search in the dark when he’d spit it out. I felt absolutely hopeless, exhausted, and my postpartum blues were at its peak - only to be made worse with the lack of sleep. We just finished her 2 week program and my 12 week old is now sleeping 12 hour stretches at night! He is so much happier, and I feel energized and ready for the day now when I wake up. I haven’t slept this long since I was 5 months pregnant! It is the best thing we have done not just for our baby but for ourselves. I will absolutely recommend Patricia to our friends!
— Melissa H. (mom of 3-month-old)
We cannot thank Patricia enough! Before this process our lovely 4-month-old Conor was being held for every nap, co-sleeping, was swaddled, and used a pacifier. With Patricia’s guidance and patience, Conor can now sleep 11 hours in his crib, un-swaddled, and without a pacifier! Consistency and support from Patricia made our dream of sleeping through the night a reality!
— Ashton C. (mom of 4-month-old)
We had already done the Sleep Sense program with our son, so when our daughter reached 3-months-old we were very eager to do it with her as well. Patricia was patient, understanding, and very easy to talk to. It was nice to have a sleep expert to chat with when I had questions and needed reassurance. And now Lilly has slept through the night and we are so excited and more rested. Thank you Patricia and SleepGrace!
— melissa J. (mom of 3-month-old)
Our experience with Patricia has helped Julian (4-weeks-old) tremendously with his sleep! Before we began the program, Julian would be up anywhere from 2-12 hours before going to sleep! We were tired, frustrated, and met our breaking point. Since the program, Julian goes to sleep almost immediately on his own and wakes up with a sweet smile. We are both so much happier and able to pay more attention to each other and our 2-year-old!
— courtney & Jorge (parents of newborn)
It’s been such a gift moving our [6-week-old] son to his crib in his nursery, rather than in the bassinet by our bed. It sounds incredibly silly, but we always had to have our lights turned off or super dim so that we wouldn’t risk waking him up. But now we turn on our lights at the normal brightness and being able to walk into our room and SEE, turn on our tv, speak at a normal volume is such a gift! My husband and I relax in the evening…now that we put our son down to sleep at 7pm. We have time to have a quiet dinner or watch our favorite tv show without interruptions.
— Christina D. (mom of newborn)