Newborn Sleep Package (0-3 Months)


Newborn Sleep Package (0-3 Months)


Take care of yourself, your partner, and your newborn baby by asking for help from Certified Sleep Sense Consultant, Patricia DeAngelis and her support team.

We help your newborn baby develop healthy sleep habits as soon as you bring them home from the hospital. You will receive a customized feeding and sleep schedule for your baby, so that both of you can get into a solid routine and not feel like the day controls you.

Our goal is to minimize sleep deprivation and confusion around sleep, so that you can know exactly what to do during the first 3 months of life outside the womb. Spend more time enjoying tender moments with your baby, while we solve your baby’s sleep needs.

*This is not a sleep training package; most newborn babies are not developmentally ready to sleep for long stretches during the night until they are at least 8 - 12 weeks old.

  • Nursery Evaluation

  • Preliminary Sleep Intake Form

  • Feeding & Nap Schedule

  • Customized Sleep Plan

  • 60-minute Video Consultation

  • 6 Follow-Up Calls

  • 24/7 Interactive Sleep Log

  • SleepGrace “Send-off” Package includes charts and handouts to help your baby continue to sleep well in the future such as: awake time by age, nap duration & transitions, sleep regressions, teething, travel, & illness

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