"Simply Newborn Sleep" Webinar

"Simply Newborn Sleep" Webinar


Learn how to help your newborn baby sleep as well as possible in 4 simple steps. This 45-minute webinar includes 30-minutes of instruction and 15-minutes of answering questions about your baby’s sleep with Certified Sleep Consultant, Patty. She will cover all the basic steps you can take to help your newborn sleep independently in their crib throughout the night and day.

We will discuss how to:

  • Reduce crying for your baby

  • Establish a schedule and routine

  • Handle night feedings

  • Set age-appropriate awake windows and bedtime

  • Move towards overall healthy sleep habits so that your baby can sleep 10-12 hours per night by 3-months-old

Class sizes will be limited to 10 sets of couples so that each couple can get a chance to ask questions that pertain to their own baby’s sleep situation.

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