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You deserve a good night's sleep

We help newborn babies get sleep

Online sleep webinars and customized sleep plans for your newborn baby


Hi Friend, I’m Patty!

It all started when I brought my daughter home from the hospital and realized I could not function on less than a few hours of sleep per night and wildly inconsistent naps. Eventually, I learned that you can have a newborn baby and sleep.


As a first time mom, I was completely clueless and full of anxiety when I took my newborn home. After just a week [of her customized sleep plan], my baby started sleeping longer stretches. After a couple more weeks, my baby got easier and easier to put down. I am now able to put her down calm and completely awake and I can walk away knowing she will be asleep in just a few minutes.

My daughter started sleeping 11-12 hours a night by 10 weeks! I still cannot believe it. She is a happier, well-rested baby during the day. I am so grateful for Patricia’s help!
— Kelly Ann (mother of newborn baby)

About Us

Patricia DeAngelis, Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant, founded SleepGrace after suffering from sleep deprivation with her own daughter.

She loves teaching families how to help their newborn baby sleep well, so that their home can be a restful place once more.