Letter from Patty

Dear friend,

When I first brought my daughter home from the hospital, I was distraught.

I cried as we drove home from the hospital, because I felt like we were left without support to figure out how to care for our daughter. Then when we got home, I just wanted to know how to calm Sophia when she cried (which was a lot), but nothing I did worked.

I resorted to feeding and holding her all day. I was unable to put her down without her crying. I had to be on “stand-by” at every hour of the day or night, and it was wearing me thin.

A few weeks passed, and I felt like I could not survive off a few hours of sleep each night much longer. My husband had gone back to work and I had to figure out how to help my baby sleep well. Most internet articles talked about “sleep training” beginning at 4 months, but I needed help right away and my baby was less than 4 weeks old!

Soon enough, I found a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant, took a leap of faith, and hired her. The results were nothing short of miraculous. By the time my daughter was 11 weeks old, she slept 12 hours per night and took 3 naps per day that lasted 2-3 hours each.

If you feel like your life is chaotic and you just want to get your baby (and you) some consistent sleep, I have got you covered. We will create a customized sleep plan for your baby and we will coach you along the way, so your baby and you can get the best sleep possible.



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